Monday, June 08, 2009

Late "Spring" Cure 2009

Before: Entire layout

After: Entire Layout

Before: Close-up

After: Close-up

A term used by Apartment Therapy to motivate readers to clean-up and organize their messy spot and post the before and after result on Flickr.

Mine happened late spring and living in a country sitting right on the equator, honestly there's no spring, it's always humid summer.

I did my "Spring" cure last weekend, a long weekend (w00t~! \o/) and finished many projects that was piling since March 09.

I've been looking out for unwanted planks to no avail. I opted to get the soft pine planks from FABIAN, and the wooden brackets (forgotten the name and price, but it's not that expensive), and I've painted them white (Nippon Soft Matt for wood & metal).

I have to admit, I am an IKEA fan, and my corner does look like an IKEA catalogue. I didn't have time to edit the photos with IKEA names & prices on them with IKEA fonts. =)


noobcook said...

I luv stuff at Ikea, and I really luv your room, nice work ^^

Lex Then said...

Thanks wiffy.
I enjoy your website as well. I always enjoy going tru the archive chronologically so I won't miss any good tips & bits ;)