Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's the weekends!

Slow day for the kitties

Grocery shopping took longer than I thought today, and I always seemed to choose the wrong line, regardless how little the line took this morning when I was checking-out.

In absence of hubby's company early this morning, I have decided to take my colleague's advise to try out the UK-Tesco store-brand items, I bought their chocolate cookies and strawberry jam. Not sure how they will turn out. I've got my milk ready tomorrow morning... MMM... cookies for breakfast!

List of projects to catch-up on (in no particular order):
  • IKEA bag bottom insert
  • Put away the rest of my homeless objects
  • Make toasted oats bar
  • Plant wheatgrass
  • Plant my greens (local spinach & jiu choi)
  • Iron clothes (just got a new ironing board, bought an unstable one)
  • Wash car, maybe wax the car
  • Clean all windows (inside & maybe the outside), and sliding door
  • A shelf above the kitchen trolley with hooks for the cups
  • Bring Dopey to vet, get a cat collar for him
But first, dinner. Can't wait for Sunday.

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