Thursday, January 01, 2009

Junk story: Whiteboard

Whiteboard found it's way at my corner

The whiteboard was at the refuse room, quick inspection was that it wasn't in a bad state, and a little cleaning-up, it's still decent enough to use it. After long consideration (this was picked-up, maybe last year in May?), I got my brother to get it for me, for I was too shy to go pick it up myself.

I have added cork boards (the rectangle cork trivets from IKEA) next to the whiteboard for the lovely cards I get from time to time, also useful coupons that would crowd the whiteboard too much if you're not careful. Those things tend to invade a magnetic board rampantly. Oh, I love staples guns. Should have gotten one earlier. It's so useful for many small projects I've worked on.

These days, I still look out for worthy pieces and add them to my pile of "treasures" on the deck. From time to time, I get inspired what to do with them. Sometimes, I know what to do with it, just needing an extra paint job or anything that required me to wait till my free-weekend.

I've recently got back into my DIY groove again, mainly by switching our grocery shopping to biweekly. I'll try to plan to get any other pet supplies, DIY materials, etc during the week I'm doing my grocery shopping. Having a free weekend at home does help, though sometimes there are things that suddenly pop-up. Nontheless, the new schedule allows me to have more time to do most of my major projects. Long weekends are definitely a huge plus.

I've also started doing minor projects after dinner during weekdays. Mainly, hubby has been working longer hours, and I take that time to work on smaller projects that doesn't require power tools, but when he's free and not working, I definitely
choose hanging out with him over the projects, cause that's what a home is. =)

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