Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Homemade Granola Bars

I've wanted to try another recipe after reading MoneySavingMom's granola bars, the original recipe and instruction came with full pictures. I checked I have most of the ingredient the recipe called for and can't wait to rush home after work and try it out.

The difference between granola and granola bars is the syrupy part. In the homemade granola, you don't need to boil the brown sugar, honey, butter and maple syrup if you have them (use less than for bars). You toast the dry and wet mixture together in the oven.

With the homemade granola bars you'll use more syrup, you toast the dry ingredients first, then boil the syrupy mixture then mix, let them cool compacted in a tray, cut them up in sizes you like and that's it.

Lesson learned:
  • Takes more effort to make granola bars, I like them, but hubby likes the crispy granola better.
  • Will boil the syrup mixture longer, maybe 6 minutes instead of 3 minutes to make it more "hard candy" mainly I don't have a candy thermometer and they cost a bomb too. I'll stick to old fashioned self estimated timing.
  • Will make sure that I have bulk ingredients next time, and trying with chocolate chips, almond, etc.
  • Will certainly make some for our long-haul flight to the US for hubby as flight food isn't that great after you been groggy and flabby for 20 hours

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