Thursday, April 01, 2010

Junk Story: Snille Castor Chair

Can't believe people throw away something that only needed a trip to get spare parts

Found another black Snille chair with all the 5 wheels intact, but the plastic seat didn't survive so I took out the plastic "socket" and replace them with my previous broken (that I didn't replace), cleaned up the other wheels and parts for future use, just in case.

::Update Add::
Unfortunately I accidentally plunked down too hard on the chair one night and caused a fracture at the bottom edge of the chair. Will need to be extra careful. The chair is quite functional, better since I replace a proper socket that the wheel doesn't fall off and slide easier.


This would be my 2nd best find after the rattan chair. Found it awhile back (ummm... Mar 2009?) at a corner of the building, missing 1 castor wheel. I think the old guards used it to sit while on duty.

The chair itself doesn't cost that much. RM 45.00. But, that was before I knew the cost at IKEA.

New wheel but broken "socket"

It was white, and fit the colour scheme of my corner, the seat is without any crack or signs of wear or tear (minus the broken "socket" & a missing wheel). A mixture of vinegar and dishsoap to clean-up the chair, and purchased a new castor wheel from IKEA customer service for RM 5.00 was needed to fix this "junk" up. Sounds good to me.

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